17 Waitomo Caves Road, SH 37, Waitomo, New Zealand
+64 7 873 7459 or 0800 733 244

Enjoy an interactive, educational, intriguing and memorable New Zealand farm experience.
Ostriches, Emus, Moa and 50+ miniature animals of 18 species.
Price: $6pp + $5 food (animals) - Minimum $30 (1/2hr-1hr tour). Open 2-5pm. Tours also 9am.
Tours are in the paddocks so gumboots ideal and tours are WEATHER dependant! Bookings required.
Ostrich Tour: Get up close and personal with Diana, Oscar and Delilah Ostrich.
Meet pettable Elmo Emu and his 2 Emu girlfriends Elly-May and Matilda.
Get your snapshot with Sam the Moa.
Learn all the amazing aspects of these EGGS-traordinary Ratite birds (Kiwi is also in this family – can be seen at the Otorohanga Kiwi House 8km away).

llamashug an ostrichminiature kune kune pigs
miniature hereford cowkiss a llamacats
miniature highland cowride a cowTobias Tortoise

Mini-Menagerie Magic

  • Miniature horse rides for the 'little people' on Tonto (under 30kg)
  • Miniature donkeys Don-key, John-Key & Jo Jo
  • Miniature alpacas Pablo, Porsha, Parker and others
  • Miniature Loretta Llama, everyone's favourite for "selfie-shots"!
  • Miniature Highland Cow Brook
  • Mini Hereford/galloway cow, mini bull and rare midget bull Charlie (one of the smallest bulls in the world (Guiness record 30"))
  • Mini kune kune Penelope Pig
  • Mini goat Jemima
  • Mini sheep Dwarf Mini-Romney Ramsey, Rare Baby-Doll Steffie
  • Miniature Munchkin cats and kittens, rare-breed with tiny front legs
  • Guinea pigs, silkie-hens and mini-lop rabbits
  • Tobias Tortoise (hibernates in winter)
  • And the Lovable Border Collie Pippy
  • New arrival Busy Betsy the Miniature Border Collie
  • Latest arrival Teeny Tiny Timmy the super little mini horse
world's largest spinning wheel
milk a cow
pet the animals

Kiwiana Farm Show

Enjoy a great New Zealand heritage experience for all ages.

3pm daily – 1 hour – Show beginning January 2020 (bookings essential)

  • Adults $10, Children $5 (minimum show charge $50)
  • Enjoy a New Zealand heritage experience for all ages
  • See "The World's Largest Spinning Wheel". Built in 1979 by Ross Barnes and Stuart Davidson. Recognised by The Guinness Book of World Records. Height: 3.6m (12ft) Weight: 400kg (884 lbs). It took 6 months of spare time to build and is made up of 121 pieces of native timber.
  • Handmilk a cow
  • Separate milk and cream
  • Make and taste butter
  • Make and taste ice cream
  • Make and taste an Ostrich Omelette
  • Handspin wool from Alpaca and Llama fleece
ostrich products
ostrich leather vests
ostrich eggs

Ostrich Products

Cosmetic products – healing properties for eczema, arthritis and rheumatism.

  • Eggs $10-$25 (empty), $30-$40 (fresh laid in season)
  • Feathers
  • Ostrich leather vests
  • Ostrich oil products
  • Ostrich breakfasts $5